May 4-6, 2021

9:00am - 12:00pm Pacific Time each day, virtually.

The inaugural #NoRegrets Tango! is a virtual gathering created just for our Globetrotter Foundation grantees and Cienega Capital investees to spark relationships, discover trusted partners, illuminate your role in the #NoRegrets ecosystem, and root your work in soil.

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We see the #NoRegrets Initiative as an entanglement of relationships dancing within a beautiful ecosystem aimed at growing healthy soil and healthy communities. Our intention in offering Tango! is to bring us together face to (virtual) face, in a facilitated and juicy social dance to reorient ourselves to the rhythmic soundtrack of our collective work and engage with the community in which we thrive.

Our program will include equal parts learning from each other, learning from the land, and compulsory entanglement (others might call this "networking").  At times the conversational dance at Tango! will be rigorous and structured; and at other times it will be open, relaxed and improvisational.

In a dance of Tango!, both partners have a role and responsibility. Our goal for Tango! is to reveal ourselves. For our part, that means dismantling the opaque veil of philanthropy and investment so you can see us, know us, and put us to work as your trusted dance partner. For your part, that means dismantling the insidious concept of scarcity so you can leap into joyful, coherent collaborations that mirror healthy ecosystem function.

— Agenda —

Our intention is to awaken, enliven and build trust among our network and to transcend our traditional silos so that we can embark on intersectional movement building.

Here’s a taste of what’s to come during our facilitated three days together:

We’ll meet the #NoRegrets Initiative Team - Sallie, Avery, Elaine, Esther, Karla, and Megan – and reveal who we are and what we do within the #NoRegrets ecosystem.

Let’s get curious about each other!  As Tango is a dance of two, we’d like to introduce you to others in the NRI ecosystem.  Everyone attending Tango! will receive a DANCE CARD with space to schedule engagements. Your card will come pre-populated with a few people that we’d love for you to make a connection. And there’ll be space for who you’re intrigued to meet.

We have an abundance of expertise within the #NoRegrets ecosystem and we will highlight and LEARN about some of the exciting work being done around soil, community and connection to self.

What’s your big idea? We’ll amp up the excitement with 90-second SPARK presentations, a chance to shout out your big idea, find collaborators and illuminate your role in the #NoRegrets ecosystem.  How would you answer this question, “Hello, I’m _______ and I have this idea…”? SPARK presentations will be scheduled on a “first come, first served” basis, so please REGISTER EARLY and indicate what topic you’d like to speak on for a 90-second SPARK presentation.

Quick and inspirational breaks with bursts of energy and moments of calm, contributed by participants in small group INSPIRATION PODS.  Have a creative talent that you would you like to contribute and share with the group (ie. sing a song, do a dance, move us around, read a poem, show artwork, etc) or simply want to join an INSPIRATION POD?  Please indicate in the registration form.

And when our time together concludes, we hope that you will leave with a full dance card of new relationships to power you forward in the next phase of your work.

— Facilitator —

Tango! will be guided by the #NoRegrets Team and lead with expert facilitation by Nikki Silvestri, founder of Soil & Shadow, and a master of fostering real interconnection:

If you’ve been lucky enough to experience facilitation by Nikki, you’ll know that she creates a brave space for sharing enlightened as well as difficult conversations and has an unparalleled ability to sense the room and shift energy when needed.  Nikki can keep a group on track, for hours at a time and have us all be happy about it!  She is a siren with a beckoning smile that lures you back into the room, back on topic and back on task, if you’re ever tempted to stray.  She can pull threads from the group’s intentions, weave them together and create a beautiful tapestry reflected back with systems-level thinking garnered from a wealth of experience that gifts the group clarity and ways to proceed.  Don’t think for a minute that you can hide when Nikki’s joy is captivating the room – she SEES YOU!  Nikki connects with each dancer in the room, having them feel seen, heard and special all while keeping a dynamic group choreography running beautifully with an end result that is mesmerizing, deep and inspiring.  And then there’s the little red wagon song… delivered with the full force of her sass and voice for an unforgettable experience of pure joy of being in a group enthusiastically singing with Nikki! 


— Register —

Thank you for your interest in attending the #NoRegrets Tango! We have closed registration. Please email [email protected] if you’d like to be added to our waitlist. Thank you!

~ The #NoRegrets team

— Questions? —

For questions, please contact Megan at [email protected]


— Conveners —

Tango! is a program of the Paicines Ranch Learning Center (PRLC) whose mission is to educate, inspire and connect people with new ideas and networks that advance healthy soil and healthy communities. Life in the soil is at the core of each gathering, convening and workshop that we hold. And the land is our key collaborator in the work to solve complex ecological and social problems. With our regenerative agricultural community, we are exploring and mapping a radically different path forward, and a commitment to educating ourselves.

The PRLC is a part of the #NoRegrets Initiative which is an integrated relationship-centered approach to land and asset management that uses a variety of capital – human, natural, investment, and philanthropic – to affect change in our agricultural food system.